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Online Platform for Sex-, Gender- and Diversity- Conscious research


Platform for academics concerning sex-, gender- and diversity-sensitive research projects and research design

Target groups

Graduates / Habilitands/Post-Doc / managerial staff / PhD students/pre-docs / post-doctoral graduates / Professors / scientific staff / artistic-scientific staff / University Students /

Implementing organization

GENDER:UNIT:: Gleichstellung:Frauenförderung:Diversity Management an der Medizinischen Universität Graz / Office for Gender Equality and Equal Opportunity /


Armanda Pilinger; a.pilinger@tugraz.at

Verena Kuckenberger; verena.kuckenberger@medunigraz.at


Since 2017 at the University of Technology and Medical University of Graz

Relation to gender equality targets

Both universities strive to advance aspects of gender and diversity in research

The objective(s) of the tool

The platform is intended for academics involved in sex-, gender- and diversity-sensitive research projects who seek avenues of implementing inquiries into potential sex-, gender- and/or diversity aspects into their research design.

Designing research methods sensitive to sex, gender, and diversity requires verifying the existence of such aspects and assessing their possible significance for the research process and its results. By expanding or reframing questions, a departure from well-trodden research paths is enabled and an opportunity for new insights created. In that way, a broadening of both areas and questions of research can harbor innovative potential.


Description of the tool

Integrationspartnerschaft Steiermark (Integration Partnership Styria) financed development of the tool. The Office for Gender Equality and Equal Opportunity at TU Graz implemented it in cooperation with the GENDER:UNIT of the Medical University Graz. The intention is that academics receive support in evaluating both content and research design of scientific projects with respect to such content and possibly already integrating them at inception.


How the tool works, practical experience





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