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Supplemental study content ART|GENDER|RESEARCH


Bundling events on gender research and gender studies at sites of tertiary education in Salzburg (cooperation of the Mozarteum University, gendup (PLUS) and the cooperative focal point “Science and Art”)

Target groups

University Students /

Implementing organization

Mozarteum University Salzburg - Institute for Diversity and Gender Studies / University of Salzburg - gendup - Center for Gender Studies and the Advancement of Women /


Gertraud Steinkogler-Wurzinger; gertraud.steinkogler@moz.ac.at


At the Mozarteum University Salzburg and the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg since winter term 2016/2017

Relation to gender equality targets

By implementing gender-specific teaching in the curricula, the universities act in accordance with the university objectives (Section 1 of the Universities Act – UG) of striving for a society characterized by humanity and gender-equality. (MB 57 15/16)

Performance agreements also contain references to the supplemental study content (e.g. page 6).


The objective(s) of the tool

Various disciplinary approaches as well as inter- and transdisciplinary perspectives on gender research provide solid theoretical and methodological expertise, paying particular attention to the arts: Alongside classical scientific methods of gaining insight, here – at the interface between art and science – the principle of obtaining and exploring knowledge by methods of art (artistic research) equally applies.

Honing skills for textually or artistically rendering and processing findings, as well as for conveying theories, methods and analyses and their interrelations (considering aspects of gender).

Developing competence in methods of social organization and cultural-artistic projects (e.g. networking activities, establishing platforms) and based on this, in drafting gender-sensitive solutions.

Educating perceptual skills in relation to agendas of gender equality in their manifold appearances and institutions (example: gender equality officers/commissioners, diversity management, Coordination of “Gender in Teaching”). During the course of their studies, students educate and inform themselves about gender aspects specific to their areas of study, allowing them to perceive agendas of gender equality in their diverse forms and institutions within the context of their professional work.

Understanding phenomena, discourses and (controversial) debates in the curation and mediation of art, as well as the state of tension between the production and reception of art (considering aspects of gender).


Description of the tool

The intention is to bundle events on gender research and gender studies at sites of tertiary education in Salzburg, and to provide particularly the Mozarteum University Salzburg with an extensive range of courses at the interface between art and science in the area of free electives.


Wirkungsweise, Erfahrungen

Given that the supplemental study content has been in effect since the winter term 2016/2017, possible results of evaluations are still forthcoming.



Further information (in German only)