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Gender Monitoring Tool


Online building block system for content in grant applications relevant to gender medicine- and equality; German/English.

Target groups

scientific staff / artistic-scientific staff /

Implementing organization

Innsbruck Medical University - Coordination Office for Non-Discrimination, Promotion of Women and Gender Research /


Ulrike Nachtschatt, Office for Gender Research and Teaching; ulrike.nachtschatt@i-med.ac.at


At the Medical University of Innsbruck since 2016

Relation to gender equality targets

Performance agreement of the Medical University of Innsbruck 2016-2018: Advising with regard to gender-specific project applications; statutory anchoring of gender mainstreaming in and for research projects, topics and applications in all European research programs

The objective(s) of the tool

The GMT is an easy to use, flexible tool for incorporating aspects of gender-equality and sex and gender medicine into grant applications.

Using the tool aids scientists in implementing social policy requirements concerning gender equality of women and men and also helps to direct attention towards research content of sex and gender medicine.

Serving as a template to which academics can add materials from projects of their own, the tool’s form and content correspond to the quality standards specified by research funding institutions while also reflecting the current state of scholarly literature.

Description of the tool

An online tool of building blocks, the GMT contains an introductory overview, elements specific to projects or universities, graphics and literature references as well as a fictitious example created from the different modules. Topics of gender equality of staff in teams and administrative bodies on the one hand and considerations related to aspects of sex and gender medicine in a project’s concrete content on the other, subdivide each of the tool’s components. University- and project-specific elements are connected by the fictitious example featured. Additional information on assurance of results and evaluation completes the project-specific component.

How the tool works, practical experience

A workshop on direct use of the GMT is currently in preparation.


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